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12 highly recommended WordPress Themes for startup companies

Why those 12 WordPress Themes for startup companies

Most tartups may not have very surfficient budget for website building and SEO. A suitable WordPress theme could really help them on those. To draw attention of potential customers, the architecture of your website is a point that cannot be ignored. For startups, by having the right theme, will be able to explain why customers should choose your brand over others.

In this article, we will introduce you 12 WordPress Themes that suit startups mostly.

14 WordPress Themes for startup companies


WordPress Themes for startup companies

Astra is one of the most popular WordPress themes on the market, and for good reason. It is optimized for performance, which means it can make your site load extremely fast.

With Astra, you can customize your site with any of your favorite page builder plugins, including Elementor and Divi. It also comes with dozens of pre-built page templates. So even if you have zero web development experience, you can build almost any type of website. Those futures made Astra one of the most suitable WordPress Themes for startup companies.

However, many Astra templates are only available for premium licenses.


WordPress Themes for startup companies

If you want to sell products or services through your WordPress site, you may at last use the WooCommerce plugin. This eCommerce plugin enables you to transform WordPress into a full-fledged online storefront. There are many WooCommerce-friendly themes you can use, but Storefront should be your first choice.

Storefront is the so-called official WooCommerce theme, and it offers you a lot of flexibility to customize your store. The theme works seamlessly with the WordPress block editor, which offers a number of built-in features for tweaking the store’s style.

Storefront may be somewhat limited if you don’t plan to build a website for an E-commerce startup.You would be better off using the multipurpose theme for other types of projects.


WordPress Themes for startup companies

Zakra is an excellent choice for startups that want to launch a multilingual website. The theme is fully integrated with translation plugins such as Polylang and WPML. Moreover, it is designed to be used with Elementor. Therefore, Zakra is one of the best WordPress Themes for startup companies

This lightweight theme will help you create a fast-loading website that supports multiple languages. In addition, it supports Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) out of the box. However, many of Zakra’s pre-built templates are only available for higher-level premium licenses.


WordPress Themes for startup companies

Hestia is also one of the best WordPress Themes for startup companies.If you’re not ready to launch a full-fledged website for your startup, Hestia can help you create engaging one-page designs to inspire.

One-page websites can be powerful tools to help you gather leads before the official launch of your website. However, for more complex projects, you will need to use Hestia in conjunction with a page builder such as Divi or Elementor.


WordPress Themes for startup companies

Sydney’s main selling point is that it offers a large number of pre-built templates for a wide range of business websites. You can customize these templates using Elementor or the WordPress block editor to meet your business needs.

Sydney includes designs for SaaS websites, app startups and financial companies. However, to access all templates, you need to select the premium version.


WordPress Themes for startup companies

Catering to mobile users is critical to the success of any startup. If your website doesn’t look good on mobile devices, you risk alienating a large number of potential customers. Fortunately, Customizr offers a mobile-first design approach for startup websites.

The theme comes with several pre-built customization options and layout designs. You can preview each change made in real time to see how it will look on mobile devices. In addition, the theme is designed to work with WooCommerce.

Hello Elementor

WordPress Themes for startup companies

If you’re a fan of Elementor, you’ll want to use a theme that works perfectly with the page builder plugin. Hello Elementor is a lightweight theme that acts as a blank canvas for building your startup’s website. Therefore, it’s ranked in one of the most suitable WordPress Themes for startup companies.

One of the advantages of using this theme is that it is fully compatible with all Elementor templates that come with the plugin. The theme itself is free, but certain premium templates are only available if you have an Elementor Pro license.

Colibri WP

WordPress Themes for startup companies

Colibri WP comes with a custom page builder that provides a great middle ground between using the WordPress block editor and more comprehensive options like Elementor. the Colibri page builder gives you access to multiple custom blocks and elements, and it enables you to rearrange and customize them as needed.

If you purchase a premium Colibri WP license, you can use its cloud-based platform. This allows you to save designs and share them between sites and with third parties.


WordPress Themes for startup companies

Kadence’s main selling point is its compatibility with several page builders and LMS plugins. With Kadence, you get support for Elementor, Beaver Builder, LifterLMS, LearnDash, and Tutor LMS.

These integrations make Kadence a great choice for education startups. The theme also comes with a large number of website templates that you can customize.

However, if your startup is not focused on the education market, you can skip the premium version and use the free Kadence theme.

Generate Press

WordPress Themes for startup companies

GeneratePress offers some of the best performance in WordPress starter themes (and all themes for that matter). The theme prioritizes compatibility, which means it works with most plugins (including page builders). It also works with the GenerateBlocks plugin, a custom page builder designed to work with GeneratePress Premium.

With this theme, you have access to an extensive library of page templates. However, if you prefer to build your website manually or use the WordPress core tools, then it may be better to use a different theme.


Customify lives up to its name by offering compatibility with almost all major page builder plugins, including SiteOrigin, Divi and Elementor. The theme also comes with a customization plugin that you can use to import full website templates.

With Customify, you can also use custom header and footer builders. This uses custom elements and offers drag-and-drop functionality. However, it works separately from any other page builder you may be using. This means that you may need to make some adjustments to adapt the header and footer to the style of these page builders.


While Blocksy works with most WordPress page builder plugins, it shines when used with the default WordPress block editor. With Blocksy, you can use several new custom blocks, page layout types, and more.

Blocksy enables you to import starter website designs suitable for a wide range of startups. You can choose from widget-centric websites, car services, web agencies, and more.

However, many of Blocksy’s advanced customization features, such as conditional headers and footers, are only available through a premium license.



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