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5 SEO mistakes webmasters must not make at all times

This article will tell you 5 SEO mistakes webmasters must not make at all times. In Ultimate Tutorial for WordPress Websites SEO, we taught you how to do the right SEO. Today we will let you know what the wrong ways are.

Search engine optimization is no longer highly professional work, as it once was. When every website owner pretends to be an expert, fatal mistakes are made. Most of the time, beginners are more likely to make certain mistakes that cost them the effort. These errors can have serious repercussions for search engines like Google, and can cause the site to be removed from search results.

5 SEO mistakes webmasters must not make

Here are some common SEO mistakes to avoid at all costs in order to keep your website ranked on Google and other search engines.

SEO mistakes webmasters must not make

Most people start an online business with a blog. In any case, even if Google starts showing the site in its search results, it will take quite a while to get a decent amount of website traffic. A website needs a good reputation and external links to rank well on Google. This is an external factor with little influence from the website owner. The more quality content it has, the more quality backlinks it tends to get automatically.

Unfortunately, it works the other way around when people misunderstand the concept of external links. They try to create unnatural links themselves through SEO agencies and link exchange platforms. Google’s stance on taking action against sites that build unnatural links within a short period of time is very clear. You can check out hundreds of discussions on this topic on Google Product Forums to get an idea of ​​the reality of building paid or spam links.

So the No.1 SEO mistakes webmasters must not make rule is to build unnatural links that could get your site removed from search results. Wait a few moments for your website to get organic traffic and start building a roadmap for your online success. Our suggestion is never build unnatural backlinks.

Use hidden keywords

You’d be surprised what people do to rank well on Google. The worst black hat SEO technique is to use white or very small 1px font size content. When we reviewed one of our client sites, we found that the site owner was using text with white fonts. His aim was to get top rankings on Google for local search keywords.

His site has more than 20 results on the third page for the specific keyword “Texas restaurant.” We cleaned the site and resubmitted to Google and the results were amazing. The site moved to the first page of the sixth page within a week, with the same content.

But using this ugly technique can lead to bad consequence. Google may mark your site as spam and remove or demote it in search results. If you see manual spam actions in your Google Search Console account, the only way to do it is to submit a reconsideration request after cleaning your site. Typically, this process takes several months, as the Google web spam team will manually handle millions of reconsideration requests.

So the second SEO mistake to avoid is to make sure the content is readable on all devices and avoid using white fonts on a white background to hide your target keywords.

Keyword abusing

SEO mistakes webmasters must not make

Another SEO mistakes webmasters must not make is keyword abusing. While hiding keywords is the wrong way to be invisible, keyword abusing is the visible way to make the same mistake. When you’re writing about SEO, unknowingly there should be multiple instances of the word “SEO” in that article. What you need to do is monitor the instance and make sure you don’t use too many keywords in the article. This is often referred to as keyword density, and the acceptable range is only 5-10%. When you use 20% of the words in an article as a keyword, the article will undoubtedly be pushed down in the search results.

Hundreds of articles with such high keyword density written for search engines will make bad prospects of your sites to Google.

So the third SEO mistake to avoid is writing for search engines and not for human users. Write effective SEO articles for your readers using keyword density and keyword planning tools.

Copy contents from others

SEO mistakes webmasters must not make

Running a successful website requires time, money, and efforts in the right direction. When a website starts to scale, the biggest problem a single website owner faces is keeping up with the frequency of updates. For example, it is impossible for one person to write articles and maintain a large website with 1 million monthly visitors. Therefore, some time-consuming activities, such as article writing, will be outsourced to third parties to focus on other key activities.

It could also be that you use a third-party content writer to create your website right away. People also buy established websites and start maintaining them to run with freelancers. In any case, it’s really hard to get quality content writers for cheap. Either you need to spend a lot of money or recruit dedicated people you like.

We tested this on cheap sites like and found that 90% of bidders either didn’t have the necessary skills or copied articles from other sites. Never rely on a tool like Copyscape to believe that the content was originally written. There are tools like article spinners that replace words in sentences to create new sentences and pass Copyscape.

If you maintain the site yourself, make sure you don’t copy or duplicate content from other sites. This will lead to a known result that your site will be permanently banned from search results.

So the fourth SEO mistake to avoid is duplicating articles from other sites. When you use a freelancer, make sure to pay a premium and get quality and original content.

Ignorance of SEO

SEO mistakes webmasters must not make

The last SEO mistakes webmasters must not make is ignorance of SEO Publishing an essay online is quite different from writing an essay for a school exam. Make sure to review each article before publishing and confirm adherence to certain on-page SEO techniques. In addition to keywords, there are many other factors on a page that determine search rankings:

• Do not use unique and descriptive titles and meta descriptions for every page on your site.

• Use images without alt text or images stolen from other sites.

• Do not use target keywords in titles, meta descriptions and URLs.

• Content is not organized with proper headings and subheadings.

• Publish poorly readable articles with grammatical and spelling errors.

All search engines display the title, Meta description and URL on the results page. In some cases, the URL will be replaced with the breadcrumb structure used on the page. Therefore, using repetitive or non-descriptive titles and Meta descriptions can lead to low rankings. If the result is not attractive to them, users will not click on the result, so you will lose valuable traffic.


Above are 5 SEO mistakes webmasters must not make at all times. Focusing on black hat techniques without considering on-page optimization will result in search engines penalizing your website. Once penalized, it’s hard to bring the site back into search results. Since prevention is better than cure, it is recommended to follow simple guidelines when optimizing your website. Not only does this help maintain your website’s reputation, but it also increases traffic, which increases the likelihood of getting more customers.



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