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7 mistakes that new webmasters could make

This article summarizes 7 mistakes that new webmasters could make. It’s not strange that

everyone makes mistakes. The author has gone through a lot of detours and stepped on a lot of pits in the years of building the website. What really matters is to take those lessons and make things right.

If you don’t have a website yet, you can take a look at the steps to build your own website first, or follow the installation WordPress tutorial to build your own website.
Now let’s take a look at the 7 mistakes that newbies are prone to encounter in the process of building their own websites.

No submission of sitemap to Google

Sitemap is the most important tool to help search engines understand the structure of your website, but many newbies may not know that sitemap can improve website SEO optimization effect.
If you don’t know what a sitemap is or how to add it, then please refer to: Several ways to generate a sitemap in WordPress sitemap plugin recommendation

mistakes that new webmasters could make

Keep deactivate plugins

Many people deactivate unused plugins and keep them on the server.
In practice it is not safe to do so.
You have deactivated a plugin, but it does not mean that it remains on your server without risk. Some plugins are likely to have loopholes and then be exploited by hackers.
At the same time, too many plug-ins will also increase the resource consumption of the website server. WordPress needs to determine which plug-ins are enabled and disabled, and also check the version updates of the plug-ins, which will indirectly affect the speed of opening the background of your website.
So the correct way is to delete the plugins you don’t need to use, and then reinstall them when necessary.

mistakes that new webmasters could make

Forget to back up manually

Although the author has reminded everyone in the article that the website needs to be backed up regularly, and also shared 10 excellent WordPress backup plugin recommendations to prevent data loss, but some time ago, the author found that the database he backed up with the plugin had garbled codes. It turned out to be the backup plugin has bugs.
Therefore, it is also very necessary to manually back up the website data every once in a while, and you cannot trust automation too much.

Not checking how well the contact form works

The contact form function is almost a must-have function to those commercial websites, but many webmasters do not test whether the function is available after they have built WordPress and configured the contact form.
Some servers’ outgoing capabilities may be disabled, and if you don’t check it yourself, you may lose customers in vain.
It is recommended to use the contact form to save the plug-in locally and record the data of the contact form to achieve double insurance.

Use the old version of WordPress

Because some new webmasters buy the web host with a relatively low version of php and it can not be upgraded to a new version of WordPress, they just choose not to update it.
While WordPress version update does not only bring new features, but also fixing of vulnerabilities of the old version. It is a big risk if vulnerabilities were not fixed. This is why you often see business websites being hacked.
Of course, if you are using a domestic server, then automatic WordPress version updates may fail, so you will need to choose to update your WordPress version manually.

Not updating WordPress themes and plugins in a timely manner

The same as the WordPress version, you should also choose to update the WP themes and plugins if they are updated. WordPress will announce the vulnerability of some plugins every month. If you happen to use it but have not updated it, then you should think about the danger.

Directly modify themes and plugins

Some newcomers will follow the online tutorials to make some changes to the theme and plug-in code. There is no backup before the modification, resulting in the website being unable to open after the modification error causes the website error, or the website is blank.
So make sure to get into the habit of backing up your themes and plugins before modifying them.



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