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Automatic daily backup of WordPress websites via a free plugin

Automatic daily backup of WordPress websites is very important

Automatic daily backup of WordPress websites is very important to keep them safe. Nowadays, virtual hosting (web hosting) has strong security measures, such as 24 Hourly detecting host vulnerabilities and preventing virus intrusions. but one thing is the backup of the website. Not all hosting plans include this feature.

I have used a lot of hosts, among which Chemicloud and SiteGround are better in this respect, and they can be automatically backed up and restored without limitation. Some hosts do not include automatic backups in the primary package. some hosts even have automatic backups, but they can only be restored once a month for free. .

If the host you bought does not have an automatic backup function, you can automatically backup your wordpress website by installing a plugin. The most famous one is the Updraftplus plugin. The exciting about it is that this plugin also allows you to backup at any time. This function is used by many hosting companies. There is an extra fee or a premium package. Today I will tell you how to use this plugin to automatically backup and restore your wordpress website every day.

Install Updraftplus plugin

There are many WordPress backup plugins. Updraftplus is the most famous one and has the most users, mainly because this plugin is really easy to use, so we won’t recommend other plugins. Enter from the Plugins menu in the wordpress background, click Add New, and then search for Updraftplus, as shown below.

Automatic daily backup of WordPress websites

It is the first one. You can see that my screenshot has been installed and activated, and there are some related plug-ins. If you have other needs, you can download other related plug-ins. But ordinary small website UpdraftPlus main plug-in is fine.

Automatic daily backup of WordPress websites

This is the interface you see after you enter it. Mine has already turned on automatic backup, and there is a backup record.

Set up automatic backups of your WordPress site

After installing updraftplus, you must set up this plugin at first. You can see Settings from the navigation bar at the top of the plugin page as shown below. In fact, only this tab can be modified in the free version, and you can’t move the others.

1, Automatic Backup Schedule Settings

Click settings, and it will let you set the actual and plan of the automatic backup at the beginning. The backup is mainly divided into two parts, one is the website files (Files Backup Schedule), and another is the database (Database backup Schedule):

Automatic daily backup of WordPress websites

You can set a backup every day, every week, every month, or even within a few hours, but it’s recommended a day or 12 hours. If the backup is too frequent, your server may handle it. While if it is too long, it may not save your modification in time.Anyway, this is up to you.

Another concern is how many copies you can save. For example, if you set a backup once a day and you want to save 5 backups, then the data backed up 5 days ago will be saved. You can restore the data saved within those five days. Our personal experience is to set it as 2 days. it’s quite surficient.

2, Choose remote storage (Google Drive Recommended)

After setting up the automatic backup plan, you need to choose a place to store the backed up data. There are quite a few options, but actually not too many choices. Google drive is still probably the best choice but of course you can choose it by your own.

Automatic daily backup of WordPress websites

Click on Google Drive and follow the instructions to log in to your google account first, and authorize updraftplus to use your google network disk permissions. Click Sign in with Google as this.

Automatic daily backup of WordPress websites

3, Backup file settings

Once the remote storage is selected, you will need to select the specific files you want to back up.Take a look at the files in the picture. We recommend checking them all, in case the files cannot be restored at that time.

Automatic daily backup of WordPress websites

That’s all of the settings. Click the save changes in the bottom and you are done. check it out later to see if the automatic backup works.

4, Manual backup testing

If you have made some important changes to your website, you can manually make a backup of your wordpress website at any time. You saw this interface already

Automatic daily backup of WordPress websites

Just click the big blue button Backup Now to start the backup.

5, WordPress site restore

Once the automatic backup is successful, the saved backup will be displayed at the bottom of the updraftplus homepage, as shown in the following figure.

Automatic daily backup of WordPress websites

There are all the backup you already saved. If you need to restore, just click the blue button Restore on the right. If you are backing up to your mailbox, remember to download it from your mailbox first, and then upload your backup.

Select the copy to be restored, click restore to enter the restore page, you can select specific files to restore, select all to restore the entire site

Automatic daily backup of WordPress websites

It is recommended to select all and then follow the instructions step by step.

*Note: Be sure to close the page after all the steps are completed, otherwise it is likely to restore errors.


Backing up your WordPress website may seem complicated, but it’s actually very convenient, especially with the Updraftplus which really solves the troubles of many newbies.

In addition, Updraftplus also has a paid version, which can help you relocate your website to other servers and emergency measures, such as when changing hosts.



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