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cformsII-a highly customizable and powerful form builder WordPress plugin

Why cformsII is needed

In many cases, you need to interact with your audience, and more importantly you may want to collect some information from them if they agrees.

Forms is the most common way to collect such information. There are some default form builders in WordPress. However they are relatively simple. in that case, you need a highly customizable, flexible and powerful form builder. There comes this WordPress Plugin-coformsII

Download and Installation

Choose Add New in Plugin, and input cformsII in the search bar, the first one is what we will need.


Install it and activate it.

Settings of cformsII

Form Settings


In form settings, you can add or delete the field that you want, and you can also edit the content of each field.


You can also edit messages displayed to the user on successful (or failed) form submission. These messages are form specific, a general message for entering a wrong visitor verification code can be changed here:


In admin settings, there are also many options to choose from.

Global Settings

Don’t forget to set up in global settings

Incert forms

There are two ways to incert cformsII froms to your post.

If you like to do it the ‘code’ way, make sure to use shortcode [cforms name="XYZ"] to include them in your Pages/Posts. With XYZ being your form NAME.

A more elegant and safer way is to use the TinyMCE Button (double check if Button Support is enabled!).


There are indeed many form plugins for WordPress. While cformsII is highly customizable, flexible and powerful. However, it can be a little tricky if you are not knowledgable of codes



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