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How to Choose the Best WordPress Web Hostings

The very first step and very important step is to find a good web hosing when you start building you WordPress website. How to Choose the Best WordPress Web Hostings is a big concern to many new webmasters. Choosing the best WordPress web hosting can significantly improve your website’s stability, security and SEO performance.

There are many types of web hosting, including free web hosting, shared web hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting and managed WordPress web hosting. In this article, we will share with you how to choose the best WordPress web hosting.

WordPress Web Hosting requirements

Before we start to find the best WordPress web hosting, we would like to talk about the requirements for WordPress Web Hosting.

WordPress is a lightweight script, and it is compatible with almost all good web hosting companies. The requirements of the WordPress website builder for virtual hosts are as follows:

  • PHP7 or above;
  • MySQL 5.6 or above, or MariaDB 10.1 and above;
  • Support HTTPS (SSL)

WordPress site builders are so popular that all premium web hosting companies have introduced a one-click WordPress installation feature. All WordPress web hosting companies listed in this article fully support WordPress website builders.

Considerations of Choosing WordPress Web Hosting

How to Choose the Best WordPress Web Hostings? What factors should we consider? Speed, security, and reliability of WordPress web hosting are all to be considered. But meanwhile, it’s important to be clear about “what you need.” Thinking about our own actual needs before buying WordPress web hosting can save a lot of money.

Assess Your Needs for WordPress Web Hosting

There are various types of WordPress web servers, including free, shared, VPS, dedicated, cloud hosting, and managed WordPress web hosting. We need to look at each type one by one and choose the type that suits us.

Free WordPress Web Hosting

While there are a lot of free WordPress web hosting on the market, almost all free web hosting providers have their own flaws. In general, we can find free WordPress web hosting on forum websites or other discussion groups. In most cases, this type of web hosting is managed by an individual who then sells a portion of the web hosting space for some financial compensation. However, such suppliers will place their advertisements on our own website.

Some free web hosting providers also place a text link in the footer of the user’s personal website. These people fill the free space gap by selling banner ads or text links. And the biggest disadvantage of free WordPress web hosting is its instability. Therefore, free web hosting is not reliable.

We don’t know when they will stop free service.

If you take your website and business seriously, definitely don’t use free WordPress web hosting.

Shared WordPress Web Hosting

As of now, shared WordPress web hosting is still the most used type of WordPress web hosting for newbies. Shared web hosting is generally more affordable and is a starting point for beginners to build a website. Shared WordPress web hosting shares a server with many other websites. Because many websites are using the same server, web hosting providers can offer their services at a very affordable price.

The great thing about shared web hosting (including these WordPress web hosting providers we recommend below) is unlimited resources. In fact, nothing in the world is infinite. If your website takes up a lot of server load, the provider will force you to upgrade your account. If they don’t upgrade your account, it will negatively impact the performance of multiple other websites on the same server.

Dedicated WordPress Web Hosting

A dedicated server for a website is actually a physical server that we can rent from a website hosting provider. Users enjoy a high degree of autonomy in server management and control, including the server’s operating system and hardware settings. If you are just new to building a website, you don’t really need this kind of dedicated server. If your website has a lot of traffic, consider upgrading your website’s server to a dedicated server.

The WordPress knowledge sharing website WP Beginner is built on SiteGround. If you have no experience as a sysadmin or server administration, I suggest you use a managed WordPress dedicated hosting. Providers that offer manageable web hosting employ full-time sysadmins to manage and maintain the servers. At the same time, these administrators are also responsible for software upgrades, server monitoring, telephone customer service and other services. Most top websites use clusters of dedicated servers.

WordPress Dedicated Web Hosting is suitable for blog sites with heavy traffic.

Manageable web hosting

Because a large number of users are using WordPress, some web hosting providers have launched manageable web hosting. Registering an account with this type of provider allows users to only host WordPress sites and does not support other website builders. The great thing about manageable WordPress web hosting is that users don’t need to worry about anything related to the web server at all. The provider will help you optimize your site’s performance, keep your site secure, and make regular backups of your site. On top of that, the vendor will tell you exactly which plugins are negatively impacting.

In short, managed web hosting does not have as many troubles as other hosts, it is fast, and the quality of customer service is particularly high. However, the price of managed WordPress web hosting is much higher than other web hosting. The cost of using the more popular managed WordPress web hosting is $29 per month, and users can only deploy 1 website, with no more than 25,000 website visitors per month. The premium package costs $99 per month and can deploy multiple domains. However, the average website novice can’t afford this cost.

Managed web hosting is best for long-established bloggers who can share their earnings to justify choosing managed WordPress web hosting. This type of web hosting is mainly designed for those who lack technology and have no time to solve technical problems. Here we recommend WP Engine, a managed WordPress web host.

Now that we know all the factors that can affect your WordPress web hosting choice, it’s time to make a choice. What we recommend to you today are those well-known WordPress web hosting providers in the industry. In a review from a authoritative web hosting evaluation websites, they all got a perfect 5/5. You can take a look at the list below.

Best WordPress web hostings


best WordPress web hostings

Founded in 1996, Bluehost is one of the oldest web hosting, and is now one of the officially recognized web hosting by WordPress. If you use Bluehost’s services, even if the website traffic is particularly heavy, webmasters don’t need to worry about the website slowing down. Bluehost’s expert team provides 24/7 customer service and guides users at any time by phone, email, and live chat. And Bluehost is considered the number one name for small business website hosting services. In addition to this, they are introducing an exclusive 63% discount, free domain name, free SSL certificate, and free web page builder for new WordPress builders.


best WordPress web hostings

SiteGround is one of the most popular and highest rated WordPress web hosting in the WordPress industry. They are very fast and have high security features. Its 24/7 customer service is the number one in the industry, so it is also one of the official WordPress website hosts. SiteGround’s well-known features are automatic upgrades, built-in WP caching, one-click login, and GIT version control.

In addition, SiteGround’s data centers are located in 6 regions including the United States, Europe, Asia (Singapore) and Australia.

You can refer to the WordPress Installation via Siteground-2022 Latest SiteGround Tutorial to learn to build a website from scratch.


best WordPress web hostings

HostGator hosts more than 8 million website domains and is one of the most popular web hosting in the industry. This web hosting provider maintains 99.9% uptime, 24/7 customer service, so many users choose to use HostGator to build their website.

When you buy HostGator, you can use the promo code SNAPPY to get a special price. In addition, they also launched a free domain name and free SSL service.


best WordPress web hostings

DreamHost is also 18 years old, well known by its simplicity. Users have a customizable dashboard, one-click WordPress site builder installation, WordPress auto-updates, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, and a free SSD can make your website 2x faster. DreamHost hosts more than 600,000 WordPress independent blogs and websites, there are no installation fees involved, and users also get a website domain name for free.


best WordPress web hostings

GreenGeeks has become a well-known brand in the WordPress web hosting industry. The host’s website runs very fast, offers 24/7 customer service support, and is ecologically friendly. This theme provides one-click WordPress automatic installation, server update management system, upgrade security factor, free CDN service, free website relocation, and 5 different data centers.


So we told you the importance of find the best WordPress web hostings and how to find them in this article. From our point of views, those five web hostings are certainly among the best WordPress web hostings. Think about your own needs carefully and then choose one you like.



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