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Flying Scripts-Recommend this WordPress useful Plugin

Why flying scripts

Speed is the key to the audience experience of your website. Flying scripts is a plugin can help to improve the efficiency of Javascript execution. As a result, the speed of your website will be improved.

Flying scripts

How does flying scripts work.

JavaScript is very heavy resource. To improve the efficiency of its execution, it’s needed to optimize the resource allocation. You can prioritize and give more resource to those important JavaScript files if you could delay the execution of less important JavaScript (Which are not needed for the initial render)

by doing so, you can reduce render time, time to interactive, first CPU idle, max Potential input delay etc. This will also decrease initial payload to browsers by reducing the no. of requests.

Flying scripts Installation

Flying scripts

choose Add new in WordPress Plugin interface, and then just type flying scripts. Then you will see this plugin. Choose install and then activate it.

You can also download it from here: Flying Scripts

Setting up of Flying scripts

Flying Scripts postpone the execution of JavaScript until there is no user activity. In the setting, you can put keywords to include JavaScripts to be postponed. The option of timeout is to executes JavaScript when there is no user activity. The settings are quite simple

There are also some other Flying series plugins which all helps to optimize your websites. You may wanna take a look and try.

Flying scripts


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