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Google Analytics What Remarketing Audiences can not Be Defined By Default?

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    Make sure you spend sufficient resource to remarketing

    Remarketing is something that you can not ignore. You have to focus on remarketing because it is effective and save your budget. It could be more effective than keyword promotion.

    Take those into consideration:

    • Low cost per acquisition. Targeting advertisements to users who already have similar interests or who have already visited the website while searching for it makes more sense and result in better actions
    • Marketing funnel can be bypassed through remarketing
    • Remarketed ads are economical as compared to keyword targeted ads

    What remarketing audiences can’t be defined by default?

    Customers who have visited an actual store can’t be considered a remarketing group by default. Remarketing audiences are an array of mobile-advertising or cookie IDs that represent a set of people you would like to keep in touch with due to their ability to convert.

    What remarketing audiences can be defined in Google Analytics?

    Correct Answer: Users who accessed an individual webpage on a site.



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