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Highly recommened free theme similar to jupiter

Why Jupiter Theme

You are maybe looking for the free theme similar to jupiter. Indeed, Jupiter is a great WordPress theme although it maybe not that well-know as Astra or Hello.

Jupiter X theme is also a multi -purpose WordPress theme. Jupiter X claims to be the lightest WordPress theme on ThemeForest. If you want to build a light blog and at the same time as much functions as much as possible, then Jupiter X is definitely worth your try.

Jupiter X is the WordPress theme, and its background configuration is also quite light, and the corresponding documents are written very detailed. Basically, the function that wants to configure can be implemented by helping documents.

In addition, the theme has built -in website health checkups. If you want to expand the function later, you can build plugins, such as Elements, and the Jupiter X theme is highly compatible with these plug -ins.

free theme similar to jupiter

Free theme similar to jupiter

While, as a matter of fact, there are quite a few other themes similar to jupiter. In this post-10 Highly Recommended free multipurpose WordPress Themes, we recommended some great thems. While today, we will just bring you some other themes similar to jupiter.


free theme similar to jupiter

Generatepress is the first WordPress theme we recommend today. This is a very modern and light theme. It has a very diverse theme option. You can customize the head, bottom and overall layout of the theme. Compatible with any visual editor, even if it is a corporate station, it can easily cope with

In addition, if you have more personalized needs, you can also upgrade the high -end version of the GenerationPress, with more theme customization options, support one -click import template, modular design is lighter, unlimited number of sites in the number of sites


free theme similar to jupiter

Talking about free theme similar to jupiter, you can not miss Hestia. HESTIA is a classic free multi -purpose theme, with a very beautiful Material Design style, including multiple modules such as blogs, malls, teams, etc., and uses response design. Many modified elements such as button, shadow, CSS3 special effects, etc. The website is very modern, whether it is a personal blog or a corporate site, it is suitable for use


free theme similar to jupiter

The Bridge theme is the most popular creative theme on Themefacest. If you are a webmaster who wants to make a creative personal blog website, then Bridge, this WordPress theme, may be suitable for you.

Bridge theme supports the response, which is completely compatible with the mobile phone side. In the current era of mobile phone traffic, it can set up works and blog waterfall flows. It is very friendly to creative articles and pictures.

The webmaster currently using Bridge on Themeforest’s evaluation of this theme is very high.


free theme similar to jupiter

Themeco is a very famous WordPress theme on Themeforest. Its popularity is very high, and the themeco theme itself contains 30 additional advanced plugins.

The combination of these advanced plug -ins makes the flexibility and configuration of Themeco. The theme configuration option of the background includes the layout of the layout, buttons, fonts, and personal homepage settings in personal blogs.


free theme similar to jupiter

The Divi theme is a very popular theme of WordPress. It was developed by Elegantthemes and is currently in WordPress templates with a very high reputation.

The style of the template is close to flattening. After installation, there are many setting options in the background. Such as the logo of the replacement website, the navigation bar configuration, the overall style customization of the blog, etc., can be set by the theme background.

If you want to make a separate single page, you can configure it through the Divi Builder in the background, which greatly enriches the page type of the website.


free theme similar to jupiter

Here comes another free theme similar to jupiter. Among the many themes of WordPress, the theme of Avada has a very high reputation. It is the first paid theme on the ThemeForest platform, and it is also the best theme in history.

Because of the virtuous circle of funds, the development team of Avada is very powerful. The page that Avada can do can basically meet all your requirements for the WordPress page.

This is the backend setting option of the theme:

free theme similar to jupiter

As show in those settings above that Avada has a very rich configuration option, which can be set very deeply, and the theme template is rich and flexible.

Some common used configuration options for personal blogs, such as layout, LOGO, bottom footer, font configuration, etc., have integrated in the theme configuration options.


free theme similar to jupiter

Squaretype is also one the free themes similar to jupiter.

Squaretype In the personal blog theme category on Themeforest, the ranking is relatively high. The flat design makes the theme look very fashionable and elegant.

Compared with other themes, the back -end settings of themes have no other themes. The design and positioning of this theme are pure personal content blogs.

There are three types of typography in the text, full width pages, there are roll -up pages on the right, and the left suspended pages.

The font of the Squaretype theme is also available for webmasters to choose from. For webmasters who only want to do personal content, this high -value theme can be tried.


Those are the free theme similar to jupiter. Most of the themes have free plan but of course, paid plans normally have more functions. Choose the themes based your goals of the website managing. As for beginners, our advice is to use the suible themes.



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