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Make your website more powerful-Recommendation of WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins really matters

Why we made this recommendation of WordPress Plugins

In addition to the theme in WordPress, the most thing is the plug-in. In certain level, plugins play even more importaint roles than the theme. Plug-ins can often help us achieve some specific functions, so that people who don’t know the code can also create functions for the website.

In this article, we will introduce a number of WordPress essential plugins, some of which are fixes for the shortcomings of WordPress itself, such as SEO optimization plugins, message filtering plugins, security plugins, etc.; some are very useful enhancement plugins, such as Page editor plugins, slideshow plugins, popup plugins, etc.

If you want to make your WordPress site better, it is highly recommended that you learn about these plugins. Let’s take a look at these useful plugins.

Recommendation of WordPress Plugins

Akismet Anti-Spam

Recommended WordPress Plugins

Your website could receives a large number of spam messages. Although it is said that manual review can be enabled, it will consume a lot of work. Installing a message filtering plugin can help you filter out 99% of spam messages.

Akismet Anti-Spam is an anti-spam plug-in that comes with WordPress. It can intelligently block most spam messages, especially spam English external links. It is an indispensable plug-in for WP sites that develop message systems. Also, this plug-in is a Free to use, as long as you don’t use it on a commercial website


Recommendation of WordPress Plugins

Editing website pages is something everyone will do, such as creating a custom page, adding a picture, button and other elements to the page, but it is very troublesome to use code. So there come various WordPress visual editors which allows you to easily modify web pages

Elementor is currently the most popular WordPress visual page editing plug-in. Its modern editing method and lightweight experience have made it widely praised. In version 2.0, Elementor has launched the theme editing function ThemeBuilder, which breaks through the fact that users could not change the theme before. The limitations of allowing people to design their own themes using Elementor, Elementor lets you

  • Visually design pages without any coding knowledge
  • Revamp your own theme with Theme Builder
  • Make various widgets yourself, such as sidebar widgets, Gutenberg blocks, etc.
  • Replace single-function plugins, such as slideshows, forms, and popup plugins

Whether it is necessary or not, Elementor is a plugin worth installing and experiencing. If you are interested in this plugin, you can check more about Elementor here, or you can also check out some Elementor tutorials shared by WP theme site

WP Super Cache

Recommendation of WordPress Plugins

WP Super Cache is the best free WordPress caching plugin. It is developed by the WordPress company Automatic. It is a very reliable plugin. Super Cache can cache the dynamic content of the website and display the static content to the visitors, reducing the loading time. Improve website speed

Key features include

Cache website pages to improve loading speed
Provide pre-cache function to improve generation efficiency
Reduce database queries and effectively reduce host load

All in One SEO Pack

Recommendation of WordPress Plugins

If you want to get better ranking, SEO optimization is essential. But the SEO function of WordPress itself is very weak. For example, the title and keywords cannot be set separately and need to be strengthened with plugins, so SEO Plugins are usually required

All in One SEO Pack is a full-featured WordPress SEO plugin that provides almost the most comprehensive SEO features, which mainly include

  • Website Homepage TDK Settings
  • Details page TDK settings
  • index settings
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Sitemap

Many people use it to set keywords and website optimization strategies for their websites. It can help WordPress sites improve SEO functions and improve search engine rankings. Of course, newbies may not be familiar with it very quickly. If you want to know more, you can check us out The All in One SEO Pack Tutorial


Recommendation of WordPress Plugins

UpdraftPlus is a free WordPress backup plugin. It can easily back up WordPress sites, including databases, plugins, themes, uploaded files, other files and other essential content. Click the button to backup, and you can download the backup to the local, You can also directly back up to cloud storage such as FTP, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. UpdraftPlus also supports setting scheduled tasks, automatically backing up your site, and ensuring data security without management

Post Views Counter

Recommendation of WordPress Plugins

Post Views Counter is a WordPress pageview plugin, which can count and display the pageviews of each article. Compared with other plugins of the same type, this plugin has many advantages

No need to change the code, it is automatically inserted, and it is ready to use after installation
A variety of statistical methods can be selected
Customizable text and interface
Permission settings
Background list display
If your website has content marketing articles, Post Views Counter can provide great convenience for your content analysis

There are also some themes that have their own pageview statistics function, but I also recommend you to install Post Views Counter, which not only has more functions, but the most important point is that you can keep the previous data after changing the theme, more details introduce

Compress JPEG & PNG images

Recommendation of WordPress Plugins

In terms of website speed, the loading of images is a very important factor, so for webmasters who care about speed, image compression is a very important thing, which can effectively improve the loading speed of web pages, but every time you insert an image, you need to manually Compression is a very troublesome thing, the best way is to use a picture compression plug-in

The Compress JPEG & PNG images plugin is a WordPress plugin developed by the famous image compression website TinyPng. It adopts TinyPng’s cloud intelligent compression technology to select the best compression scheme according to the specific situation of the image, which can realize automatic upload compression, batch compression and other functions. You can get 500 free credits per month, which is enough for most small and medium websites

Hide My WP

Recommendation of WordPress Plugins

Hide My WP is a plugin known for hiding WordPress information. In addition to providing basic security protection, this plug-in can hide features in WordPress sites, such as themes, plugins, version information, etc., whether it is competitors or It is difficult for attackers to find information on the website

Limit Login Attempts Reloaded

Recommendation of WordPress Plugins

Limit Login Attempts Reloaded is a WordPress login restriction plugin. There are many malicious logins on our WordPress site every day. If you don’t want your website password to be brute force cracked by others, this login restriction plugin must be installed. It can effectively prevent your website from being maliciously logged in by others.


Those are the latest recommendation of WordPress Plugins. indeed there are just too many plugins and sometimes it’s confusing to select the right one to use. Our suggestion is compare and choose only one of the type.



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