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The difference between web hosting and VPS

One of the basics of building a website is to have the web space, also known as a web host and a server. In this article, we explain the difference between web hosting and server to our newbie friends

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    Common web hosting and server classification


    SHARED WEB HOSTING (Shared Web Hosting)

    Shared web hosting is the cheapest type of web hosting, which means that many websites share one server (one computer) and one IP.

    An example you can easily understand is the software folder installed on your computer’s D drive, each software folder corresponds to a website, all websites are on your D drive.

    Shared web hosting will share the resources of the server, such as CPU, hard disk, memory and broadband.

    The advantage of shared web hosting is that it is cheap, but the disadvantage is that it has poor performance (usually hundreds of websites on one server) and poor security (just like if you install a software with a virus, the whole computer will be poisoned. (And you a server of a site poisoned, your site may also be infected.)

    DEDICATED WEB HOSTING (exclusive web hosting)

    Don’t be deceived by the word exclusive web hosting, in fact, there is little difference with shared web hosting, except that you are assigned an independent IP (equivalent to creating a shortcut for you, shared web hosting is to share an IP, you find software, you must open the D drive, and then open the software folder), shared IP and exclusive IP performance is no difference, except that exclusive IP for the website SEO has benefits. Then the normal merchant will control the number of servers of the exclusive web hosting a little bit less, and then the performance will be a little bit better compared to the shared web hosting.


    VPS is a popular space for building websites in recent years, if you have used virtual machines on your computer, then it is easy to understand the difference between it and virtual hosting, virtual hosting is a separate folder on your computer, while VPS is a separate piece of space, although there will be many VPS on the same server, but you will not be poisoned by someone else’s VPS.

    At the same time VPS CPU, hard disk, memory these resources are your exclusive (bandwidth some are shared), simply put VPS performance is better, more customizable, but the threshold to get started than the web host high.

    The domestic Aliyun cloud server ECS and Tencent cloud server CVM is actually also VPS.

    MANAGED WORDPRESS HOSTING (Managed WordPress Hosting)

    MANAGED WORDPRESS HOSTING is a new form of web hosting, simply put, it is a web host launched separately for a certain kind of website program.

    Usually, shared web hosting can have various programs installed on it, and you don’t know which program has loopholes, thus causing the server insecurity.

    If there is a vulnerability in any version, you will be promptly reminded or helped to update it, and some performance optimization will be done for WordPress. Simply put, the hosted web host is more foolproof, the performance is a little more stable than other web hosts, you don’t have to think about how to build WordPress, you only need to focus on the content, but essentially it is still a web host.

    A more vivid explanation

    In the talking with new webowners, I found that some people do not understand the difference between web hosting and VPS, so I will tell a more general example.

    Web hosting and VPS are both called web servers, we compare web hosting here to group housing and VPS to independent apartments.

    Compare the website data to yourself.

    And different server service providers are compared to different landlords or professional leasing companies.

    Would you (web data) rather live in a group house (web hosting) or be an independent apartment (VPS)?

    Group rooms (web hosting) are cheaper, but everyone shares the same bathroom (CPU), kitchen (memory), and living room (network bandwidth)

    Independent apartment (VPS) is more expensive, but you have exclusive use of the bathroom (CPU), kitchen (memory), and living room (network bandwidth)

    Group rentals (web hosting) your basic hardware is done for you by the landlord.

    Independent apartment (VPS) you can also set up your own, upgrade the hardware or whatever.

    How to choose between web hosting and VPS?

    Introduced several differences between web hosting and VPS, then you may still want to know, which space should be chosen to build a website, the following is the advice of the daddy.

    Newbie practice and limited budget, consider shared web hosting.

    Business build a website but no one to maintain the server, consider hosting type web hosting. For example: foreign trade WordPress website hosting SiteGround registration tutorial

    Enterprises build a website and someone to maintain the server, consider VPS or dedicated server. For example: foreign multi-room VPS server Vultr build foreign trade independent station complete tutorial

    Why should we give priority to VPS or standalone servers? Because relative to web hosting, VPS and dedicated servers have better performance, higher security, and better customization. The key is that the price is not more expensive than managed web hosting, and in some cases may be cheaper.



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