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What cannot be collected by the Google default analytics tracking code?

Google Analytics is a must-installed Plugin. It helps to track key data of your website, such as the unique visitors, viewed pages, audience distributions ect. There are some data that can not be collected by default code, such as the User’s favorite website

There is no option to use Google Analytics’ interface to find out the information of a the most popular websites of a user. However, you can track the manner in which your visitors came to your site, the details of their operating systems and deviceused, their language and location as well as the number of pages they visited and list of pages that were viewed in the course of their visit.

The explanation and answer above is related with Google Analytics individual qualification exam. The complete list of latest questions and answers to Google Analytics individual qualification exam on the “Google Analytics individual qualification exam” page. If you discover any error or change in the questions or answers, make sure to make a comment below and inform us. We will make the corrections when we can.



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