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WordPress Installation via Siteground-2022 Latest SiteGround Tutorial

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    Why SiteGound

    for beginners, this is so far the most recommended way from me to build up your first website because:

    • it’s the easiest way to set your first website with multi-functions.
    • Recommended by WordPress officially..
    • SiteGound provides free enterprise mailbox, free SSL security certificate, free CDN service, daily backup of website data,
    • WordPress automatic update, advanced cache acceleration function

    About SiteGround

    SiteGround was founded in 2004, with more than 500 employees, they provide general web hosting, WordPress managed web hosting, WooCommerce managed web hosting and managed VPS services.

    At the same time, SiteGround is also one of the official WordPress recommended service provider. Based on my years experience useing hoting and servers, SiteGround does a better job than Bluehost, which is why more and more web owners choose to transfer from Bluehost to SiteGround.

    First Step-buy the hosting service in Siteground

    In most of my website tutorials, I recommended to buy domain names and servers separately. For example, you can buy domain in Namesilo or Godaddy. But for beginners, it maybe easier to buy hosting and domain names from the same supplier, like Sitegroud. It will only cost you a few dollars more, but it could save your operations and chances to make mistake.

    Choose a Plan

    Click the link below to open SiteGround official registration and choose a plan

    Generally, the second plan is recommended for beginners. Some features of it are quite useful.

    Enter the Domain

    Well, like I said, I suggest beginners just buy the domain in Siteground directly. Yes, you can buy domain in other sites, like Namesilo and actually I do recommend this supplier because their prices are most time the lowest. But you will need to change the DNS manually in the account management interface. It could be a little difficult. I have another article to guide you how to do it. But anyway, for beginners, you can just buy domain in Siteground.

    You will reach this page if you selected Register a New Domain

    Input your personal information and pay

    Very easy. Just input all the information required. I put tips on the screenshot for your reference. For beginners, you can just buy 12 month to start. Not much price difference. You will have enough time to figure everything out before you need to renew or upgrade your plan.

    Second Step-install WordPress

    You will see such a interface after you get the payment done and login your account. Click website and click COMPLETE.

    Start a new Site or Migrate

    Start New Website on the left is to create a new website, Migrate Website on the right is to move websites from other servers to SiteGround. automatic or VIA paid customer service. automatic may not be 100% successful, you can try it first, if it fails, try paid service or contact me for help.

    There are two options here, WordPress or WordPress + WooCommerce. The difference between them is that the latter helps you install a mall plugin WooCommerce by default, you can install WordPress alone or install WooCommerce by yourself later on. It’s all fine.

    This SG Site Scanner is a website security scanning tool, $19.8 a year, this is useless if you are really get hacked. so not recommended. How to secure your WordPress sites?

    You are all Set

    You Are All Set! It means your site has been installed. The two URLs below the Point Your Domain on the left side of the screen is DNS server SiteGround assigned to you. If you bought your domain from another service provider, like Namesilo, you need to change the DNS into that. Check this article for instruction:

    How to Change DNS in Namesilo.

    The Last Step-Install SSL and CDN for security and speed

    Before you actually launch your website, it’s important that you install the SSL and secure your website, otherwise your audience may not be able visit your site. How is how

    I will instruct you how to install CDN in another article here

    All right, now we finished the WordPress installation on Siteground. There are quite some important setting on SiteGroud. You can access to other the Tutorial Series Here:



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